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From Earth To Heaven
In a reading session, holy listening and spiritual discernment are the tools of a medium. During the appointment. I`ll be asked, “What do you hear about my mom ? ” or “Did my brother cross over ?”. The highest human desire and hope is that our deceased family members and our friends have crossed over and in peace. Unfortunately, there are those who do not and there are reasons that stall or prevent a soul`s entry into what we refer to as Heaven.

Please continue to read From Earth To Heaven and I am a Survivor,A miracle can happen to you ! With God all things are possible !

“Always humble yourself lovingly before God and man, because God speaks to those who are truly humble of heart, and enriches them with His gifts.” Padre Pio

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This video is dedicated to my Dad & Angelo “we love you & miss you”xo, To whom have lost a loved one. I dropped a tear in the ocean today thinking of you, the day you find it is the day I will stop missing you!

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