Lives Touched By Karen’s Gift

People touched by Karen's psychic giftThanks for my session over the phone. I can’t THANK YOU Enough!!!! I sometimes know the answers and just need to feel like I’m not going crazy. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and all the help you have given me. I could have never gotten this far with out you and God. I am getting stronger everyday I think, now that I am in my own home I feel a sense of peace in a way. I know it won’t be for long but my son is happy so I am in turn happy. I am truly thankful everyday for what I do have and I do know that I will find peace someday. I know God was with me today, I attended a wake for Marks Uncle today and God made it possible for me to literally missed him by a matter of minutes. I was calm and polite when approached by Marks mother and sister. Both of whom have never spoken to me or my son since our separation. I am happy I went and was the bigger person. I asked God numerous times before I went into the wake for Him to keep things peaceful. God was with me and helped me through it. I am so thankful that God brought me to you for you have truly been an angel in need! Thank you so much for all you have done to keep me on the right path.

Kathy ~ Spring Lake. NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftI am a senior citizen, My daughter insisted I have this reading with Karen. Losing a daughter is the hardest thing that someone can go through. I was dealing with so many unanswered questions WHY her. Karen came over and gave me the reading. I will never forget this I was shocked she was able to give me details. She told me that there was yellow flowers in her hospital room, yes there were yellow roses. Karen asked me if I was blaming the doctors for my daughters death, yes I was. Karen told me my deceased daughter said I was not to blame the doctors and that it was her time to go. I could not believe what I was hearing from Karen no one knew I was blaming the doctors. Now after having this reading I feel a lot better and I have my questions answered. Its amazing how Karen was able to have a conversation with my deceased daughter. God bless you Karen for the work you do.

Lucille A ~ Wayne, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftI attended an expo in Morristown NJ, Karen was giving psychic/medium readings there. I decided to receive a reading from her. She was able to connect with my deceased father. She gave me details about my father that only I knew. She told me I had two sons and both were married. Then she told me my older sons wife was sick and that she needs to go to the doctor ASAP. Well when I got home I called my daughter in law and told her what Karen had told me. Today my daughter in law is cancer free, we caught it in time. I will never forget and I am so thankful about what Karen told me. Karen you will always be in my prayers God Bless you always with love.

Eva J ~ Boonton, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftA few months ago I meet Karen in a supermarket, I asked her to help me get something off the top shelf. Well we starting talking and she told me she was a psychic/medium. I am an older women and I never really believed in that kind of stuff. Well one day I decided to call Karen and book a reading. She told me that my deceased mom was in the room and that she has a message for me. She first told me that my mom was a smoker and that she died of cancer, Karen was correct. At this point I am saying to myself “Can this be? Is she really talking to my mom? It’s so unbelievable.” The message was that my deceased mom was very concerned with my current health and that I was not taking care of myself. Karen told me about my current diabetes condition and that I was eating wrong, eating sweets and she knew I was eating ice cream and cookies late at night. She asked me if I was at the doctors last week and I stated “Yes I was.” Karen told me and the doctor told me the same thing, that I was not eating right. My deceased mom and the doctor both told me if I didn’t stick with a diabetes diet that I would lose a foot or a leg. It was a miracle to receive a message from my mom, I received my wake up call from my mom thru Karen. Today I am feeling better and my diabetes is under control. Karen you saved my life you gave me a better understanding of life and never take life for granted You are my friend , bless you !

Shirley P ~ North Arlington, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftKaren thank you ! You have made a believer out of me. Your warm and caring personality came thru during my reading. We cried together ! You were very on point on many of the thing you told me and I have taken them to heart. Again Thank you very much and you will be hearing from me again in the very near future Sincerely,

Ann H ~ Albany, Georgia

People touched by Karen's psychic giftKaren is truly gifted as she was able to hear messages from my deceased sister. I felt my sisters presence in the room. Karen told me personal information, she told me about things we did together when we were little. I did a walk for cancer on my sisters behalf. Karen gave me details about the walk even down to the color of the T shirt I wore. My sister had a message for me that came thru, Karen, The message was that she was so proud I did this walk in her name. THANKS!

Debra G ~ Little Falls , NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftI meet Karen in Hackensack NJ at the Riverside Square Mall. The Mall had an event for Mothers Day In 15 minutes she was able to connect with my deceased mother. She was able to tell me personal things in detail about what I did for my mom before she passed away. Karen said she wanted me to know that she was so thankful to me for helping her and for taking time off from work. My mom also stated that she was so proud of me for starting my new business. I am thinking to myself at this point how can Karen have known this? I never meet her before ! Since that time after the mall I have had another reading with Karen and my mom has come thru once again, this time she had other things to say. Every time I am missing my mom I call Karen for a reading just to be able to connect with her once again. You’re the best !

Beth B ~ Mahwah, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftI was invited to a house warming party, Karen was hired to give readings at this party. I had a reading a long time ago when I was on vacation down at the shore. The girls was making such a big deal that a psychic/medium was coming to the party. I signed up for a reading with Karen, I had been seated less then a minute before she says to me who is the girl that died in a car accident ? She is here and has a message for you. I starting crying I told her that’s my girlfriend that died in a car accident 10yrs ago. Karen told me she does not want me to be upset and hold onto this anymore. She said it was time to let it go and to live in peace. I have been hanging onto guilt for such a long time I didn’t have a chance to say certain things to her. It played in my mind over and over I wanted to say sorry about certain things but I never had a chance. Karen I will never forget you, how compassionate you were towards me. I finally woke up and realized it was time to let go of my guilt. Now I talk to my girlfriend from time to time and I know she is listening to me. THANKS KAREN!

Mellissa N ~ Rockaway, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftI attended an expo at a hotel in Rockaway were Karen was giving readings. My wife insisted I sit down and get a reading. I never really was into this stuff. So I decided to sit down with Karen, she told me I was not working. She told me I need to make a few changes to land a job. Karen told me if I followed these steps I would find a job within 6 months. Thanks Karen, I took your advise and I did get the job I was looking for. Karen you were right ! My son did have a girl, they named my granddaughter Sonia and she is beautiful and doing great ! Sincerely

Jim T ~ Hibernia, NJ

People touched by Karen's psychic giftKaren was able to connect me to my grandfather and share with me things that only I and my grandfather could have known. There were special memories, special times in my life that we shared when I was a child, and I’m so grateful to know he also carries these wonderful moments with him. We spent almost 45 minutes communicating with him, and I am reassured his spirit lives on in my daily life, right beside me and my family. I am so impressed with Karen’s incredible abilities, her focus on God and the Divine, and her genuine compassion for all. She is a treasure and I am so grateful she has re-connected me with a loved one so important in my life.

Michelle A. ~ NJ

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